Finnish Model United Nations Society is an organization for students interested in international relations. We bring together people to organize and participate in Model United Nations (MUN) seminars, debate issues on the UN and global agenda, and develop their understanding of global politics. All interested are welcome, new ideas mean new resolutions.

The Society was founded in 2004 and has so far focused on establishing a solid basis for Model United Nations (MUN) activities in Finland through building relationships with public and private sector contacts, namely the various UN representations and affiliates in Finland. Co’operation with MUN societies is also a central feature of our work. FinMUN belongs to the United Nations Youth and Students’ Association of Finland (Sykli) and to the UN Association of Finland. FinMUN is a member organization of the Student Union of the University of Helsinki. Although our headquarters are in Helsinki active members come from all over Finland.


Activities include MUN training and simulations, seminars, and participation in foreign MUNs. The first international MUN was held in February 2006, with 45 participants from all over the world. FINMUN 2019 in the spring of 2019 will be the 16th university-level MUN conference held in Finland. All FINMUN conferences have been a great success!

If you share our interest in the UN, foreign policy, international relations and/or global politics, join us now by following the infolist and the website. Your location does not count, as our aim is to further cooperation and communication both nationally and internationally.

The goal of our work is to bring together students with various backgrounds to organize and participate in Model United Nations (MUN) seminars.  The concept itself is neither new nor revolutionary. Simulating international organizations began even before the birth of the United Nations, when students held a series of Model League of Nations conferences in the 1920s.

Dialogue, deliberation and decision making.