Join us as an official

Are you interested to get involved in our activities a bit more than just by participating in our events? Are you looking for new and interesting activities to spend your free time with? Do you want to get to know new people and learn more about international politics and the United Nations? Or have you perhaps already considered to apply in our board but you are not quite sure what this is all about? We have a solution for you: join us as an official!

As an official you will have an opportunity to work with specific issues you are interested in. Generally, our officials have specific areas of responsibility, such as Official for Finances, Official for Events and Official for Communications, but the roles can be shaped based on our officials interests and you are welcome to join as wide range of our activities as you like!

We recruit officials twice a year, but joining us an official is possible at any time. The term of office of the officials lasts one year, but nothing stops you from applying again!

Officials are selected by the board based on the needs of the Association, and only thing we require is the (free of charge) membership of FinMUN and interest towards our activities. Also, some level of participation and commitment during the year is required, but you can choose what kinds of tasks you would like to work with and of course, how much time and resources you have to share with us. The board always holds the final responsibility of everything that is going on in FinMUN.

As an official you get an officially recognized position in FinMUN and great experience from association and group work. Also, the position gives you a great chance to meet new people, familiarize yourself with activities of FinMUN and of course, to work with interesting international issues!

If you are interested in gaining interesting and valuable experience and to learn a bunch of a new things, do not hesitate to contact us through our social media channels or by email: