The Association

The highest decision making organ of FinMUN is the General meeting which elects the board and makes all the biggest decisions concerning our association. General meetings are held twice a year, between February and April and between August and October.

The day-to-day -activities, however, are handled by the Board. The board consists of the Chair, 4-9 members and possibly 1-4 deputy members with different areas of responsibility. The board for example decides what kinds of events FinMUN organizes, takes cares of administrational issues and implements decisions of the General meeting. The board meets roughly once or twice a month usually by utilizing online meeting platforms, and organizes its work based on board members’ agreement. A new board is elected each spring in the General meeting taking place between February and April.

All of our members can apply to the board and the only thing required (in addition to some basic legal requirements) is an interest towards our mission and activities, and sharing our values. Board work is a great opportunity to learn important skills, to meet new people interested in similar issues and be involved in interesting activities!

In FinMUN we also have Officials to help our board members with their tasks. The roles of officials are shaped based on the interests of applicants, but generally the roles follow the areas of responsibility of board members. Working as an official gives you a possibility to familiarize yourself with FinMUN’s activities, learn a lot of new things and of course get a chance to work with issues that interest you.

Officials are specifically recruited twice a year, but you can join us as an official at any point during the year. The term of office of the officials lasts one year, but nothing stops you from applying again!