Want to join us? Want to make FinMUN 2019 to happen?

EDIT: The Conference is over. Once we know the schedule for next year, we will update this page.

Say no more! Apply to the FinMUN 2019 organizing team!

Selected applicants will be asked for an interview !

Looking forward to receiving your applications!

Open positions:

Director General

This is the most responsibility-carrying position. Director General works with close cooperation with the Secretary General and is responsible for creating background material and handling chair applications.

You will gain the most central perspective on the organizational process of an MUN. You will also be the first to get to know our honourable chairs and be the person responsible for the communication with them.

The Director General is expected to attend some additional meetings with the Secretary General besides the regular team meeting. Full commitment and engagement with deadlines is also expected. If you are interested in being more involved with FinMUN and maybe becoming the next Secretary General, then this is the right position for you!

Language requirements: Finnish, and English

Head of delegates

You are the linkage between our team and delegates. You are responsible for informing the delegates on current matters, run the application processes and be the head of registration process in the start of the conference.

You will gain valuable experience in effective communication and be the first to see the smiles of excited delegates when they arrive to the conference.

Under Secretary General for Administration – Head of finances and partnerships

This role is one of the most important and rewarding ones, since your work will do us able to organize a better conference! Your task will include everything from building different partnerships to applying for different fundings. The partnerships could be anything from financial sponsorships to material aid, your imagination is the limit!

This is a very good opportunity to get valuable experience in fund-raising and networking, which is really appreciated in many different fields of work.

Under Secretary General for Administration –Head of Food and beverages

Your job is to make people happy! As few things are better than food, you are in the role of filling the delegates’ and staffs nutritional requirement. Your responsibility is to plan menus, coordinate food breaks and dinners, as well as do catering reservations (if needed). You will be also leading staff members during the conference in all food related issues.

Under Secretary General for Administration –Head of Living and Transportation

Your responsibility is to make sure that no delegate sleeps under the bridge. You will find good hotel/hostel deals and coordinate transporting during visits and evening programs. This includes helping delegates to buy tickets and make sure everyone knows where and when to go.

Definitely suitable job if you are a practical thinker!

Under Secretary General for Administration –Head of Sustainability

The issue of sustainability and climate change is very topical at the moment, and has been raised times after times in UN. We also want to address this matter during our conference. As head of sustainability issues you are responsible for reviewing the process from organization till the end of conference and make changes in order to act in a more sustainable matter. During the conference this could mean running recycling spot.

This is an opportunity to be creative and solution orientated regarding sustainability. This is a first step to set an example on how student events can be made more ecological and way to draw attention to current environmental issues.

Under Secretary General for Information Services

This is for you if you find a computer more a friend than a monstrous creation of capitalism. You will have the responsibility of letting the world know about FINMUN2018 and keeping our website refreshed with current matters.

This is also an opportunity to overuse social media with good conscious or to learn better how Instagram, Twitter and Facebook function if you are not an everyday user yourself. This is something which even current employers seek in an employee in many fields.

Staff member

You will be an essential part of things actually getting done. Most of the work will be during the conference itself so it allows more flexibility if you have a busy autumn! You are anyhow part of the team and more than welcome to join all the meetings and events. During the conference you will be taking care of running issues, food and snack caterings, photocopies and all the other practical things needed to be done.