Sanni Selene Tenn – Memories from my first MUN

This text is written by Finmun’s current president of the board, Sanni Selene Tenn. She shares her story from her first ever MUN experience in 2016. Since then, Sanni Selene Tenn has been an active member of Finnish Model United Nations.

I participated to the Techfest World Model United Nations in December 2016. It was held in Indian Institute of Technology(IIT) in Mumbai, India. It was my very first MUN and at times very intense and overwhelming, especially because many other participants had been to over 20 MUNs wheres I was a total newbie.


My committee was SPECPOL which is the fourth General Assembly committee. It was targeted to university students but our committee also had some 14 year old school students. It turned out they were actually really good and some of them went to MUNs almost every second weekend!

In India MUN is highly popular concept and almost every university arranges their own MUN. IIT Mumbai is one of the most prestigious universities of India and their Model United Nations had around 1000 participants who came to Mumbai just for the conference. While most opted to fly there (I took a flight from Jaipur), some even spent upto 24 hours in train to travel there. That’s dedication!


Our committee had participants from India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and I was from Finland. Our topic was the status of Kosovo and whether it should be an independent country or not. Serbia and its allies had more experienced delegates, while the delegates of Kosovo and the United States were both first-timers. As a result, the resolution was clearly in favor of Serbia.

It was very interesting and I was curious to see one of the best universities of India. While it seems difficult to get into university here in Finland, the comparison kinda puts it into perspective. In India it is even more competitive to get into IIT and many spend an entire year just preparing for the entrance exam. They also had a beautiful campus with palm trees, cafeterias and even a swimming pool.

Thank you, Techfest World Model United Nations, Mumbai, India, 16.12-18.12.2016! I also want to thank FinMUN for their support when I prepared for the conference.

All pictures by Sanni Selene Tenn.