Last week we hosted our popular Diplomatic Breakfast Club 🌟 We thank the ambassadors of Serbia, Georgia, Norway and Czech Republic for their time 🙏


With the Ambassador Gabechava, from the Embassy of Georgia. Pictured also our President Sanni Selene Tenn (second right)  and our Secretary General Nour Teebi (third left).

What is the Diplomatic Breakfast Club?

We offer students a possibility to come and meet diplomats during breakfast, to discuss current issues and other interesting topics in a relaxed environment. The venue this year was Cafe Ekberg. This was the third year we organize the Breakfast Club and it is one of our Autumn highlights.


With the Ambassador Jukl, Embassy of the Czech Republic. Our board members Grete Vaatman and Irene Hurmerinta also participated.

Who can participate?

A maximum of 9 students can participate in each breakfast. One person can only attend one of the meetings. We select participants on a first come first served basis. This way we ensure most people will get to go to at least one breakfast.


With the Ambassador Grutle, Royal Norwegian Embassy. Our board members Matti Ylhäisi and Emilia Eräpolku also participated.


With the Ambassador Obradović, Embassy of the Republic of Serbia. Our board members Matti and Samuli participated.

Moreover I would like to thank our board member Julia for coordinating the events series.

Sanni Selene Tenn