Our delegation took part in SMUN in Stockholm 10th till 13th of November.
Read on about their experiences there!

Anna Vorobtsova

Okay, here are some flashbacks from my very first, but hopefully not last MUN conference, which appeared to be the Stockholm Model United Nations 2016. If I had to put it in several words, I would describe it as an interesting, busy, challenging, tiring, productive and exciting time. It flew by so quickly!  

I got a place in the UN office on Drugs and Crime and was honored to represent The Kingdom of Netherlands. We were supposed to discuss the following topics: decriminalization and trade of psychoactive substances and rebalancing the global opioid trade. I didn’t know much about what to expect, especially, when I didn’t apply for this committee and I got basically no background in drug related issues that we were dealing with. So without some decent research it would be quite hard to keep up, especially while being a newbie. Nevertheless was doing my best and with the help of my co-delegate and other delegates we managed to adopt a resolution on the matter.

The debates were rather intensive and we ended up drafting two resolutions which were different when it comes to the key point of the decriminalization of a certain types of drugs. So basically the consensus wasn’t reached. Nevertheless one of the resolutions was adopted. All in all I got to know a lot of amazing people from all over the world, experienced the Stockholm nightlife and the first snow this year. I fell in love with the city! I’m glad that my very first time in Stockholm happened to be so valuable and I’m sure it will stay one of the most memorable times of my student life! It was an amazing experience! I will for sure put effort to make it happen again! 

Henri Iso-Koivisto

This was an amazing event full of skillful, adaptable people and a very growing experience for me! I had to do it alone for the most part because my partner was missing in action after Friday, the day we set up the motions, and it didn’t help that my country of representation was People’s Republic of China in the Security Council. Even in this scenario, instead of letting that slow me down I fought tirelessly for China’s benefit in the discussion about the arctic and, funnily, at times it was me versus the world. By the end of Saturday, regardless of enmities within the council, people began to innovate and create compromises. This was a sign of breakthrough. The United States of America, with the excuse of going to have Donald Trump as its future policy-maker, agreed eventually and proposed a China-supporting amendment to tag along with an arctic free zone amendment. The day would’ve been perfect if only France had not proposed an amendment about arctic tribal people’s rights without any kind of informal preparation prior to the vote, which would have been necessary in order to pass that and consequently another amendment as well. Fellow delegates congratulated me on my efforts later on Saturday, even though hours earlier people were pointing their gaze at me and the tension was clear. The next day, Sunday, I showed the good cop part of myself as People’s Republic of China no longer was the adversary of the council but the United States of America. Sunday went smoothly for the most part and we found mutual deals. Stockholm Model United Nations simulated the actual council negotiations in an authentic way – I made new friends and reckon this won’t end up as my last entry!