At OxIMUN 2015

The exciting weekend in Oxford was held between the 13th and the 15th November 2015. I was very much looking forward going to this legendary MUN.

The day started on Friday, when we started with our first topic. I was in the committee UN-Women. The topic was “Harmonizing the labour market in developing countries”. I very much looked forward to the debate on this topic and was prepared to represent the republic of Philippines in the committee. The debate for us took place in Wadham college.

The debate started with defining the topic – the first session was much about debating over education and how it can be used to help minimise the gender gap. Philippines has done very good job with reducing the gender gap and women and men have quite a good equality but still there is work to be done. The day ended with a really nice delegate reception at the popular Ashmoleum Museum.

The second day was really taugh, we would have 8 hours of debate in front of us. Philippines started the day aleady 8.15 by taking part in an unofficial negotiation with China and few other countries. The draft resolution started to be formed right there. The day included debate over working conditions, going back to education and taking into account the opinions of countries with more traditional views on the topic. Philippines highlighted that we need to keep in mind how to support women workers in rural areas, we hoped there would have been even more debate on this special issue especially. That night we rushed to change our clothing and went to have a really nice three-course-meal at the dining halls of the Exeter college. The dining room does look like the one in Harry Potter movies and paintings of old college students hang on the walls. The night ended with a club night.

The third and final day started with making the final resolution. There had been two draft resolutions, one was sponsored by Philippines. We managed to get a few important points to the resolution we sponsored, conserning especially how men can be educated about childcare and household duties and thus being able to lessen the burden women have taking care of  both work duties and duties at home.

The final resolution was a negotiation and a mixture of the two drafts. The final document passed voting and Philippines was a signatory for this resolution. A few very good amendments were passed to this resolution.

As we had still a few hours to go, our chairs  informed us that instead of going to the second topic, we would do an emergency case-scenario debate. This was hilarious as the countries were able to send notes to the chairs and constuct “a newsflash” where new events would occur all the time. At the end, the committee managed to find a solution on the matter. The final day ended with a coctail night with OxIMUN staff.

All in all I had a great time at Oxford. The MUN was international, broad and educating. The town is really beautiful, and the Oxford colleges are indeed exactly as beautiful as you would imagine. I would like to thank FinMUN for sponsoring our great delegation of four and OxIMUN-team for their wonderful work for this MUN. I definetely recommend this to everyone and just wish I could do it again!

By Pauliina Mattila