Interview by Iuliana-Raluca Luca

What is your background on MUNs? What made you choose FINMUN?

Areeb Arshad, OSCE Kazakhstan
Areeb Arshad, OSCE Kazakhstan

Petya Hristova (Delegate for the Russian Federation, OSCE): I have previously participated in two big conferences. I took part in the National Model United Nations Conference B from 13th to 17th April 2014 in New York as a member of the Freie Universität Berlin Delegation and then, as a part of the FinMUN delegation, I represented the United Kingdom in the Security Council within the Tallinn MUN, 20-23 November 2014.

Juliane Jokinen (Delegate for the United Kingdom, UN Security Council): I participated in the Tallinn Model United Nations 2011, as a delegate in the UNSC. The following year I was organizing the Tallinn Model United Nations 2012. Sonja Huttunen, the President of FinMUN, and I wish to establish a cooperation between the two organizations, the TallinnMUN and the FinMUN. I met her during a TallinnMUN, where she was part of a 13-member FinMUN delegation.

Areeb Arshad (Delegate for Kazakhstan, OSCE): I’ve been participating in MUNs for the past 4-5 years. FinMUN is a unique way to experience MUN.

Susanna Kaavi (Delegate for Georgia, OSCE): It’s the first time I participate in MUN. I chose it because it sounded interesting and, besides this, it was here, in Helsinki.

How did you feel giving your first speech at the FINMUN debates?

Petya: I was excited, enjoying to hold on to the expectations according to the regional, geo-political scene.

Juliane: I was very nervous, as there have been 2 years since I last were a delegate. By now I’ve been a chair during the MUNs I took part in and I find it more difficult to be a delegate, since you have to get more involved.

Areeb: I was excited, confident, but at the same time confused, because I didn’t know what to expect.

Susanna: My first speech at FinMUN was the opening speech and I had it written beforehand, so it was ok, but the free ones made me pretty nervous.

What did you find most difficult during the simulations?

Juliane Jokinen, UNSC UK
Juliane Jokinen, UNSC UK

Petya: Getting people to listen and convincing them. You can play a role, but convincing people remains the most difficult.

Juliane: When I got personally attacked by Venezuela while I was representing the UK. Venezuela had made serious criticism regarding the UK politics and how it behaved in Cyprus.

Areeb: Understanding conversations which included Finnish references during the informal debates.

Susanna: Most difficult was being quick enough to speak when I have something to say.

What were the happenings during FINMUN2015 you found most interesting?

Petya: I think most interesting was the active attempt to solve something and seeing people getting into the problems.

Juliane: When Jordan was trying to play with a very strong delegate, France, to see how far the conversation gets. It was entertaining and showed that when you are playing a role you should not take things personal.

Areeb: The quarks and eccentricity of the chairs.

Susanna: When we finally started the drafting of the resolution, getting from the more general to specific issues.

How did you feel defending the interests of the state you’re representing?

Juliane: I tried my best. I was a little disappointed when my answers were drowned by Venezuela.

Areeb: A whirlpool of ideologies, flashes, attacks, euphemisms and negotiations.

Susanna: I got really into the character and whenever somebody said something against Georgia’s interests, I thoroughly wanted to defend them.

What was your overall impression on FINMUN2015?

Petya: Apart from developing skills, FINMUN is a great social event.

Juliane: It was awesome, fabulous, and I hope it won’t end! I wish to continue the cooperation with FinMUN. What I particularly liked was the visit to the British Embassy in Helsinki and having the discussions with the professionals there. It was really great they were relaxed and cared about young people and that they were interested in MUN.

Areeb: The organizing team is very self-moderated and the dedication shows in the overall demands.

Susanna: It was really great! I had many positive surprises and I liked the socials and the people.